Dornsife College

The Language Center Student Services

The Language Center provides the following services to the students:

  • The Language Commons

    The Language Commons is open to all students. However, students enrolled in a foreign language course are given priority. To find out your priority status, Click Here.

    Students must check out a computer using their USC ID card. A priority card will be issued with the location of the computer that has been assigned specifically for you. Please place your priority card in the card holder of your assigned work station.

  • Conversation Rooms

    These small group study rooms are available for faculty reservation and use to Priority One students on a first-come basis.

  • Media Catalogue

    Students can access the online media catalog and request a copy of media at the front desk.

  • Online Audio, Video and Tests

    The Language Center hosts a large collection of online audio, video and tests for each language. Select the language you wish to study and login using your USC ID and password to access the collection.

  • Jobs

    The students can apply for the lab assistant job by downloading, printing and submitting the completed form at the front desk.

    Students can also visit the Worldwide Jobs section to find internships and jobs in countries around the world.

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