University of Southern California
Dornsife College


The USC Language Center administers departmental (D) clearance for all level I foreign language courses, except Spanish I and Portuguese I, which are handled through the Department of Spanish and Portuguese.

If you have previous experience in a foreign language, you are required by university rule to take a placement exam in that language. You will not be issued permission to register without a placement result. Exam coordinates can be found here.

Students with no previous experience in a foreign language may request D-clearance for that language in person, over the phone, or via email from your USC email account.

Please include the following:

1.         Name
2.         USC ID#
3.         Course number
4.         Section number
5.         Meeting times of the class

(E.g.: Tommy Trojan, USC ID# 1111-1111-11 EALC 104, Section 25302, M-F 10 AM to 10:50 AM)

To request D-clearance by phone, call (213) 740-1188.

Send email requests from your USC email account to: Contact us

Students with Learning Disabilities:
Students with documented learning disabilities or physical impairments inhibiting language acquisition may petition for substitution. The first point of contact is the USC Office of Disability Services and Programs.